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The beauty of Black Korina

Now then! Black Korina, Ziricote, Bare Knuckles, Hipshot and Gotoh 510's....what could be better?

We pulled this out of the stack for the fingerboard...mmmmm, nice!

Got it slotted

One of our favourites....the gorgeous Black Korina or Limba or Afara.....whatever takes you.

The body blank sand to thickness....beautiful grain pattern

going to strengthen the neck with a carbon rod - a piece running other side of the truss rod

carbon rods in! nice figure in that neck piece.

building the headstock

gluing on that lovely Ziricote fingerboard

so we are ready to carve! this neck is down as a soft 'V'

using a microplane to carve in the neck and headstock ends

heres the neck ready to be fully carved with templates for a soft 'V' to check the carve as it progresses

here it is! look at the graining on these pieces....its going to be really nice this one.

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