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Guitars from this period were hand built with more rudimentary machinery and even though they were based on specific templates there were discrepancies between individual guitars determined by who was working on them each day.  Each guitar was in effect unique and that extends to pickup making too.

'The burst' Les Paul 58/59/60

'59 Les Paul

Built to factory specifications, using the select timbers from the golden years of the 'burst' 1958/59/60;

1 piece Honduras Mahogany body

1 piece Honduras Mahogany neck

Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard

Holly headstock veneer

bookmatched figured Maple carved top

Butyrate binding

Mazzucchelli made correct crown inlays

aged parts

aged nitro finish

choice of vintage spec pickups  

1962/63 Stratocaster

1962 Fender Stratocaster

Built to exacting specification using select timbers:

Alder or Swamp Ash body to 1962/3 specification

1 piece Maple neck 

slab Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard

vulcanised fibre board dot inlays

nitro cellulose finish aged

aged parts from the period

choice of boutiques pick ups

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