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Here we have sister lefties. The foreground custom guitar is a '59 replica we made to exact specifications throughout - mahogany neck and body, maple cap and Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, tune o magic bridge and aluminium tailpiece. It has Seymour Duncan Antiquity pickups. Behind is a modern take with a Korina neck and body and feathered maple bookmatched top. It has bareknuckle pick ups and Tone-Pro bridge and tailpiece. Its different construction - a set through neck, makes it much louder acoustically with better tone transfer. It is a louder guitar all around with more projection.

Above are two sister LP double cuts one in walnut and the other in swamp ash with a maple neck. The swamp ash guitar has Lollar tele pickups and a set through neck to allow for a strong neck joint where the neck meets the body and a louder acoustic response. The walnut one has the same construction but uses humbuckers. Both have locking tuners and Hipshot's superb Contour tremolo.

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