The design and build of the Alfa Romeo guitar Part 3:

Once the wood working is complete the guitar goes off to the spray shop where Stu puts on a lovely glossy cellulose finish in Giulietta red. When its all done and back to the workshop comes the tricky process of running the wires back and forward from the control cavity to the switch and back to the pick ups. After that a carbon composite guitar back and switch cover, manufactured in house are fixed. The guitars volume roundel and iconic Alfa Romeo badge are fitted and its ready to be strung up and set up:

The design and build of the Alfa Romeo guitar part 2 - woodworking

The wood working bit: So from the start we knew that the guitar would need some punch and clarity so we opted for a 50/50 split between poplar and maple for the body and a korina neck with ebony fingerboard for the neck. The guitar would have aluminium parts and carbon fibre composite back to reflect the automotive build of the disco volante. Other Important Alfa elements would be the inclusion of the clover leaf, the Alfa Romeo badge and logo. We had to work out where the wiring channels would go connect all the electronics. How to use the badge and what each element of the Alfa grill bars would be - Tailpiece, bridge and three single coil pick ups, which I'll discuss later. So here are t

The Design and build of the Alfa Romeo Guitar Part 1 - concepts

Back in 2014 we were approached by Alfa Romeo to design and build a custom electric guitar to celebrate the launch of the Mito and 4C to the UK market. Our challenge was to convey the brand and its heritage and take queues from their design ethic whilst also creating a working guitar. Here's how it happened: The ideas board: Design concepts: quick scribble plan drawings: CAD drawings and notes for pick ups parts: Parts 2 - the wood working bit to come!

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