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The nightmare of moving workshops

So, it finally arrived! The day the Business Centre we were located in was closed. 12 years of good times, many guitars and lots of hard work came to an end at Broad Lane. Harrison Guitars has moved to a new and exciting location within the premise of LiteStructures. We will be housed alongside many other music industry creatives.

It has cost us plenty of production time and some money to get things as we want, so apologise to those who are waiting for guitars....we're back!

The old place - Broad Lane Business Centre

The old shop was tight for space but it had everything we needed to make anything

We had seen a lot of guitars move through here.

The move took much longer than we expected. We had to wait for the electricians to complete the wiring before we could decorate the space and paint it white. Its a bit bigger too!

When we had everything moved, we realised it was going to be a slog. Even new extraction systems had to be designed and built.

This is how it ends; here's to the old workshop! Sanctuary for many days during those 12 years and occasional sweatbox on hot summer days. Many good hours had with Stu and Turkish and others including the lads from Promotion PR who filmed us here for the Alfa Romeo guitar commission and even that American master of guitar repair Dan Erlewine.

OK, so this looks tighter than it really is. Its almost ready. Its a bigger shop and better place. Thanks to Turkish for all his help and Emma for her excellent paint roller talents.

The new place - LiteStructures

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