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Three 59 Bursts coming soon!

We are in the process of building 3 exact replicas of the most expensive vintage guitars in the world - the 1958/59/60 Les Paul burst.

Here's how its going:

slotting the Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard

The 'right' plastic MOP crown inlays and aged parts from an aluminium tailpiece and nickel finish tune o magic bridge

splitting the 5A grade flame maple billet to get a book match top

jointing the maple top

Thicknessing the Honduras mahogany body - selected for light weight and tapped for a balanced response

Wiring channels routed into the body

Going the maple to the mahogany

Part cut out body blanks ready for more work. The furthest two are lighter in weight than the nearest and the tighter grain and figure of the centre one gives it a brighter tap tone than the other two which are very similar in tap tone


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